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January 2023: New Super Moon in Aquarius

Tonight is a New Moon - Super Moon in the sign of Aquarius. And if you've been feeling stuck or frustrated or just dang slow, well, that's about to change entirely. Buckle up, friends, the roller coaster is about to hit the downhill!

Journal #1 - Really knowing and acknowledging what's slowing us down can take a deep level of self-focus. But with the energy around this New Moon, you have help. This sign is shimmering with truth and now is the time to really take a hard look in the spiritual-mirror and create awareness around the baggage. You don't have to get down on yourself, this isn't an exercise in self-judgement. With loving detachment, check in and honestly assess who/what/where/how you have experienced stagnation. Now... sigh, loosen your shoulders, and really let it all go...

Journal #2 - Most of us have things we wish we could do, be it in the field of arts/crafts or sports or language or computer skills. But we always have or create a reason not to do it. Just sit down with your journal and create the dream scenario of what your life/job/world might look like if you KNEW how to do this new thing. Then, kindly and patiently, decide how you might be able to step into this new learning.

Journal #3 - The Super Moon means you (and me and everyone else) can really feel this dark moon tonight. It's going to mean a lot of clear thinking for perhaps the first time in quite a while. With the 3 retrogrades all going forward this week as well, we're finally back in our clarity during this new moon. Lovingly, consider what you might have let get lost in the recent brain fog. Now, should you revisit it?


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