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July 2022 New Moon in Leo Journal Prompts

July 28, 2022 the New Moon in Leo arrives.

Please consider the below journal prompts to help usher you into the new cycle, complete with all the courage and fierce style of Leo!

Leo is a powerful Fire Sign and brings us all the backbone to move forward and get things moving again. Despite the oppressive heat in so much of the world right now, you can grab hold of this energy and let is propel you onward.

Journal #1 - Are you ready to let yourself be heard? The outgoing vibrations of Leo are the perfect time to express yourself.

Journal #2 - How can you get more grounded? The unexpected is always just around the corner, ready to knock you out of alignment. It happens to us all in both positive and negative ways. But if you can get grounded, rooted, firmly stable, it's less jolting.

Journal #3 - You are a HERO. Yes, you are a HERO. Praise yourself in your journal for all the heroic things you have accomplished. Don't be shy. Get into it! This is LEO season!


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