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February 2023: Full Moon Journal Prompts

Sunday brings us the full Snow Moon in Leo. And everything is DIRECT - yes, that's right, there's not a single planet in retrograde as we go into this month, and it's going to be that way for several weeks. And with the bold energy of Leo behind you, it's time to get moving and take action. Let's explore the major aspects in our journal prompts.

Journal #1 - Are you ready? It's HERE! The force of the universe has your back. So... how do you want to use that energy? In your journal explore your dreams, and your fears. How can you harness the glorious power of Leo and all those forward-moving planets to overcome what scares you and claim your best life?

Journal #2 - In life, it's inevitable we will have moments of disagreement. But all the fire in this Full Moon might bring up things you don't really mean to say. If you sense a fierce disagreement brewing, step back, take several breaths. Writing out your thoughts and grievances in your journal may help you to avoid destructive arguments in the current energy.

Journal #3 - There's so much happening in the skies. You might become scatters with all the forward energy, but if you want to get where you're going, it's critical to put all that excitement into your main focus. In your journal, explore your true path ~ and how to stick with it!


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