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January 2023: Full Moon in Cancer Journal Prompts

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

The first full moon of the New Year is happening in the water sign of Cancer. Expect to be all in the feels during this time. You're going to have to work through it for the next several days while Cancer lights up the sky.

Journal #1: Everyone has some emotions they try to avoid. With this Full Moon, you will be called to acknowledge the feelings you have hidden, tucked away, ignored. Can you lovingly take them out of the box and listen to what messages they hold for you? Will you try?

Journal #2: Home can be a feeling, a place, a palace, or a mindset. As Cancer rules "home and mothering," consider what these mean to you and explore both in your journal. If you have questions about safety or mothering, write that down, too. Honor the process. Now, how can you build up the idea of safe home and healthy mothering for yourself? Make a list in your journal.

Journal #3: We're still in the thick of Mercury Retrograde. It just makes this emotional transit feel like, well, more. But I encourage you to use this to your advantage. Can you really tune into your intuition during the Cancer moon and listen to what your soul is ready to shrug off? Record your thoughts as they come in your journal. Then, get ready and take action! Now is the time to get rid of old "stuff" and move into the new.


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