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December 2022: New Moon in Capricorn Journal Prompts

It's the last New Moon of 2022, and if you're in North America, it's likely you are coping with holidays under an epic winter storm. You may be looking at ice, snow, gale force winds, and painful cold temps. As the New Moon darkens the sky, perhaps at this time, you can catch your breath and lean into the energy of powerful Capricorn to see you through.

We're days away from a new calendar year. The new solar year just happened. It's time for evaluation and refresh. And the Capricorn vibe is all about that. Curl up in a warm place and allow these journal prompts to guide you into 2023.

Journal #1: Get really real with yourself. Authentic, brutal honesty, as is the domain of Capricorn and ruling planet Saturn. You could actually say Saturn is terse, scolding, even raw. But now is the time to show up. What parts of your life matter the most? How are you manifesting in those spaces? How can you do better? Your journal is your ally as you dive deep into this truth.

Journal #2: No one loves organization like Capricorn. Harness this energy to tidy up the bathroom drawer or your closet. Then get your journal and once more, get honest. Really make plans to organize your life. Draw up an outline for the next 12 months. In INK!

Journal #3: Capricorn is also kind, always there to lend a hand. How can you offer support to your family, neighbor, friend circle, community? It might be as direct as funds for charity. But consider the value of a supportive word over coffee, or ideas you offer to someone who is chasing their dreams. In your journal, think of ways you can help. How can you be uniquely you and serve the greater good in 2023?


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