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October 2022 Solar Eclipse with New Moon in Scorpio Journal Prompts

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Eclipse season is back and it's time for everyone to experience some shifts. It's going to be okay, though. All things fall away from us for a reason; we can choose to move into this bumpy time with grace. I wrote the below journal prompts to help as you navigate Scorpio's stormy waves this fall.

Journal #1 - We all have comfort zones, for better or worse. Scorpio and the accompanying eclipse are not going to let you chill, however. Why not just move with the energy? After all, there's got to be something you want to do. Take a chance and make the first step towards that goal or dream. After all, we can only truly move one step at a time.

Journal #2 - There has been slow energy up until now. The stagnancy had its lessons, too. In your journal, consider reflecting on what you learned in the slower times that will help you as we move into a faster-paced time of year.

Journal #3 - Scorpio is a feisty sign and we're in the scorpion's season now. How can you work with this energy? In your journal, consider what you feel most passionate about. After that, it's easy to know what you can release as we move into the winter months.


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