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November 2022 Lunar Eclipse with Full Blood Moon in Taurus Journal Prompts

A Blood Moon. On Election Day in the US. Now that's really something. In fact, astrologers are saying it has literally never happened before in the history of the country. So my PSA for the day: Please consider voting. Especially if you are a woman or person of color. That's it. That's my PSA. Let's get into the journals.

This may well be a bumpy ride for many folks during the next week or two. The lunar eclipse happens in sturdy, stable Taurus and here's hoping that can help us all get through smoothly. I offer the following journal prompts to help soothe you through this transit.

Journal #1: We all have shadows, things and memories that we hide from the world. Maybe we even hide from ourselves. Eclipses are the perfect time to shed light into those dark corners, sweep out some cobwebs so to speak. Maybe you could even accept or learn to love the parts of yourself in the shadow.

Journal #2: With an eclipse in Taurus, keep an eye on the things this sign rules: finances, career, home & household. Do all you can to assess and create safety in these parts of your world.

Another PSA ~ I like to use eclipse season as a reminder to check out household smoke and CO detectors. They're always about six months apart and happen every year. It takes only a few minutes to check and replace batteries. A small chore that could save lives. End PSA 2.

Journal #3: What really brings you comfort? Homemade soup? Walks in the park? Time with a beloved pet? Meditating with crystals? Quietly reading a book with some herbal tea? This eclipse season is predicted to be a wild ride. Make a list in your journal that can can return to of the things that soothe your soul at a core level. Then you have it when the world feels like it's falling into disarray.


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